Križevci are historical venue of the famous medieval Bloody Parliament and city whose patron is one of three Croatian saint, born citizen of Križevci – Saint Mark. Headquarters are Križevci diocese for Greek Catholics faithful to the desktop Greek Catholic cathedral dedicated to the Blessed Trinity. The event in Križevci that should not be missed is the “Križevačko Veliko Spravišče” which depicts the legend 700 years old – quarrel and reconciliation between “purghers” from Križevci and Kalnik “plum growers”. If you want to get away from city crowds and enjoy the benefits of untouched nature – a trip to Kalnik is always the right choice. Your body and mind, in addition to walking “educational trails” and enjoying the superb culinary delights Kalnik Mountain lodge, you can rest in active sports way: hiking one of the most beautiful trails in Croatia to the highest county summit, sport climbing, paragliding or biking.