The Renaissance festival

The remains of the Koprivnica city fortress walls host a historic spectacle at the first weekend of September. In the authentic live settings, history is vividly evoked, while a visitor can sense his return into the ancient times. The medieval (renaissance) fair abounds in old crafts, merchants, common people, aristocracy, peasants, jesters, performers, musicians, tramps, thieves and crooks. The cooks will prepare the dishes on the spot, strictly following medieval recipes and using ingredients that existed at those ancient times. The catering offer is rounded off with drinks such as mead, beer and wine.

The knights’ campsites with true replicas of tools and weapons (daggers, swords, axes, maces, muskets, halberds, canons, catapults, ballista’s, bow and arrow, etc.) from the Middle Ages and Renaissance, do not leave anyone indifferent. The knights fight for their maids; there are occasional attacks on the fortress; one can spot hawks and wild animals used as food – contributing to this attractive and most importantly, interactive event.