The motifs of Podravina

Every first weekend in July, Koprivnica turns into the major naïve art fair in the open. More than a hundred naïve artists create and exhibit their paintings so that numerous visitors can see them. There, at a single venue, one can experience the splendor and variety of artistic expression of painters emerging from the Hlebine School of Naïve Art, from beginners to doyens whose names will always be inscribed in gold letters into the history of Croatian and world art. Year after year, special care is shown for traditional craftsmanship and every attempt is made to claim old skills from oblivion, while the attention of visitors is drawn to a few dozen masters of their trades who display their skills to curious passers-by.

Special attractions of the Motifs are unique nettle dishes, as well as other traditional specialties of Podravina and Prigorje. The exhibition of the local folk handicrafts makes this event really exceptional, primarily due to the “Embroidery of Ivanec”. There is not only the folk music of Podravina, but also concert of famous groups and artists.