Grand Martinje lark

Our region has a long tradition of Martinje customs and traditions performed by statutes of Križevci and rules of Koprivnica led by cheerful companies in the vineyards and the catering facilities. Koprivnica-Križevci County Tourist Board now traditionally, organizes a big “Martinje lark” – a meeting of a dozen “martinje bishops” of the entire region. They will choose among themselves the Great Master of martinje ceremony, the first among equals, to whom they will deliver the seal and the Episcopal hat. Great Master of martinje ceremonies will choose the name under which he will hold his “vinifikat” during the following year, also he will decide on the term of Martinje holding as well as the rules under which it will be held. Finally, he will announce testemonium to other “bishops” to go into the world to spread the “winefaith”. At the end, according to the unique ritual they baptize the must into the wine and issue the owner the “birth certificate” as the evidence that the heathen “most” has been turned into a fine glass of wine, which will be certainly drunk with pleasure.

The event includes members of the vintners association and county boards of winegrowers, winemakers and orchards. The Members of these associations prepare the “gorički” (vineyard) stew that is along with the must offered to visitors for tasting.